My name is Ashly Lopez and this is Imagininc. com. Here you will be an artist and have your ideas come to life. Have you ever had an idea that needs be seen by the entire world? Have you ever wanted to become the next Picasso? Have you had a dream of making something incredible to be loved by all? Then you have come to the right place. is a place you can submit art project,ideas,and posts about your art, and or find art and ideas that you would like to see. Sometimes having an idea is hard, because not everyone is willing to see it your way or you just can't do it on your own, here at you will have millions of people looking at what you have created and can share ways to make your creations be seen by all

So if your ready or just a visitor that likes looking at what the world is capable of, then please take a look around. On the bottom of this page there are some photos of some artwork that I found really interesting. Here on there are two words that this website does not understand. The first word is "crazy". There are no "crazy" ideas... every inspiration is a reason and every reason has its owner that believes it could represent something incredible. The second word is "impossible"... Nothing is impossible... You have probably heard that more than once but fortunately its true, nothing is impossible. So if you have an idea heres the place to show it off, create it, or become part of the artists world.

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Today we took a quiz that I am so happy I passed and I had to copy a website from a paper exactly the way it was